Shaka Range

The Shaka range is our most popular design due to the endless opportunities that stem from the modular option. It starts with the central 360SF Batteleur tent and then allows you to add from one to four 120 SF extensions (each could be a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living area, office or open covered deck).

The extensions can be designed to go in any direction off the base. It is common to have one of the extensions left without side walls, effectively becoming a covered deck area. For example you could choose a Fisheagle body on a Starfish frame which would have the effect of 3 extensions plus a covered deck area.

Batteleur – Central unit 360SF

Kingfisher – Batteleur plus one extension 480SF

Shaka – Batteleur plus two extensions 600SF

Fisheagle – Batteleur plus three one extensions 720SF

Starfish – Batteleur plus four one extensions 840SF

Exterior of glamping tent looking inside with a pool at dusk